The story

SheisShe was created to raise awareness for self-esteem and mental illness issues. She is she, he is he, I am me, we are us, every individual is who they are suppose to be. It is just up to them to realize it.

I define myself as an ambitious individual that takes every obstacle in life and tries to turn it into something positive the best way I know how. Now this is not always the case. More times than not I suffer from self-doubt like many of you out there.

She is she is a platform where fashion is combined with self-esteem to create a world of self expression. A world where you get to be who you really are through the art of dress and beauty. Brought to you by elaborate concepts, new beauty product reviews, and outfit inspirations through different personal style and personalities.

Keep a lookout for SheisShe's journey of incorporating fashion into daily ever-changing life. 

I hope you enjoy!




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