Dish It Out: Make-up Pen Of The Future?

Dish It Out
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Introducing ‘’Dish it out’’. A series that introduces fresh, brand new beauty products out on the market. With in depth reviews revealing facts that industries never reach upon. Does it work? Is it worth the money? Do you really need it in your life? Bringing to you a full course menu of the IT products on the market ready to devour or not devour. I am the chef and you are the critics. Get your fork and knife ready. Its on! 


Clarins made the Makeup Pen of the Future?

Now I must say my first impression’s of this new innovative make up product was WOW! It strangely reminded me of my childhood. Do you remember those all in one color retractable pens? Gosh such memories. 

Finally, a company made a travel friendly product that will minimize the clutter in your makeup bag. Does it get better than that? This 4-color all in one pen includes- three eye products and one lip product. The shades include black, brown, and a pop of indigo blue to define your eyes. For the lips it includes a natural beige shade. This product retails for $30. 

Now to get down to the nitti gritty. As soon as I received the pen in the mail I tore right into it. First impressions of the packaging were nice and sleek. Very smooth to the touch and a typically sturdy plastic material surrounding the products. In hand it resembles the feel of an oversized chunky pen. For me I loved this fact because it helps the applying process. When a product is too small it tends to be harder to control precision. Also keeping in mind there are four full size products stashed into it. This innovative makeup pen still is small enough to fit in a makeup bag. 


The products themselves are very creamy and glide on pretty seamlessly. I would have to give Clarins a thumbs up for their color choices I must say. I was typically impressed with the lip liner shade they chose. It is a nice nude pink shade that goes with most skin shades and accommodates generally everyone.  

Clarins beauty team added in a shade for everyone when it came to the eyeliner portions. With black and brown you really could not go wrong. They are universal colors that every women or male gravitate towards. For more of a daring individual they chose to add in a pop of color, with their poison being indigo blue. I, myself tend to stick to your basic colors but hey now I have a chase to go BOLD once in a blue moon which isn’t a bad thing. I am always a sucker for going out of my comfort zone every now and then.  

You might be like, were is the part of the review were you give us some negative dirt? I must say I really could not say anything bad when it comes to this product. It truly blew my mind. I am a sucker for innovative concepts. The only negative thing I can say is CLARINS why only one set of shades? 

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Jazmyn Leininger