Beauty With Feeling

Anyone out there that might feel lost or hopeless in some way, this is for you. And know that you are not alone.

Trying to wrap my mind around HOPE. Hope that I will get out of this slump. Hope that life will put its pieces back together again. Hope that one day this piece of glass that is shielded in front of me will fall down and never go back up again. 

It can be cruel. It can pull you down so far that you might feel like you will never get up again. But I am here to tell you that you will. Even in the darkest of moments see the light shining through. You will fly again despite the way you are feeling at this current moment. 

Hold on to the hope at all times. Just know that the shield in front of you will come down. Just give it some time. Do the things that make you feel most like you to pass the time. 




Model: Eve Sarris

Photographer: Humberto Vidal

Hair and Makeup: Miss Mari Mac 

Concept: Jazmyn Candice 

Jazmyn Leininger