Dish It Out: Make A DIFFerence

I'm Dishing It Out With A Twist

Lets look fabulous and make a DIFFerence all at once.


Lets switch it up a bit. A while back I introduced a series called ''Dish it out'' were I introduced new items out on the market and gave you an in depth review on them. . For the sake of the human race I'm gonna take it up a notch and do better. With the same concept in mind i'm going to bring you items that impact the world in a positive way and show you how they shine. Bringing to you a full course menu of trend forward items that I KNOW you'll want to devour. I am the chef and you are the critics. Get your fork and knife ready. Lets eat!

diff eyewear 1.jpg

My family recently opened up a consignment boutique. Being into fashion I had my hands in every little nook and cranny. We wanted to feature items that not only were trendy but also made a positive impact on the world. DIFF came into our sights and they will forever be my go to place for sunnies. 

DIFF buy one, give one

diff eye wear 2.jpg

Since day one, DIFF made a promise that for every pair of sunglasses sold, they would donate a pair of reading glasses. This is what they did and continue to do and because of it I want to spread the word about their company. Here is their video. It explains it all. Link to their website will be below the video. 

Giving something back to the world, no matter how small, is key to keeping the love alive. What is something you did recently that made someone smile? Let me know in the comments below...

Hope you beautiful people enjoy and I hope this inspired you in some way, shape or form. Thank you DIFF for the difference you make in the world.