Dress the Mood

Introducing: Dress The Mood


I feel alive. I feel vibrant. I feel happy. I feel powerful. I feel. I feel. I feel. We all feel.

We all watch movies where characters we have grown to love reveal different emotions shown through multiple costume changes. Super Woman reveals her power through a leather costume. Spiderman is a selfless hero behind a mask. Harry Potter hides behind glasses when he was the courageous hero all along.

While these characters are purposely placed in these outfits to portray a point, we can all relate. Each of us blindly ‘’dress our mood’’ every morning when we pick out our “costumes”.

When you feel happy, you naturally gravitate towards something colorful or bright. When you feel sad, you are more likely to pick up a neutral sweater paired with your comfy denim. This is not always the case, but 9 times out of 10 we do this without even realizing the relevance. Your style is influenced by many factors. It could be your mood, health, or just overall personality that drive your wardrobe decisions. This is a beautiful thing because it reveals your different layers. Your personal growth as a developing human radiates through your style as it grows with you.

She is She put together this series as a form of an outfit of the day (OOTD), with a deeper purpose. She is She will describe a mood or condition, followed by an OOTD to inspire you the next time you get dressed.

Maybe, through this awareness, you can use your wardrobe decisions to change a bad mood into something more positive. Next time you wake up in the morning try this theory out.

Credits: Models: Roger Jackson & Ashley Marie Content Editor: JessicaMarie Fernandez Photographer: Devin Fuller
A big thank you to everyone involved. Thank you for spreading the word. 



Jazmyn Leininger