I am a sucker for beauty products with a story. Brands that mean something more and try their best to express a message through their products to spread a bigger meaning to the world. I was doing my research about 2 months ago and came across a beauty brand that stood out to me. This brand not only had great reviews on the quality of the products but it also told a story.


Shea Moisture has been growing and thriving since the 1900’s. Sofi Tucker started selling Shea Nuts at a village market in Bothe. She worked her way up to selling her homemade beauty products, not only in Bothe, but all over the country side. Then grew to what we know today as the brand Shea Moisture. A woman of my own heart I must say. She started off selling something small but boy did she work her way up. Now she has a business that not only gains profit but also reaches out to empowering women around the world.


What we put in our body matters right? So what makes what we put on our body any different. Shea Moisture is made with all nature and organic ingredients. The products contain a unique choice of organic fruits, oils, and extracts which make the products smell delicious.


The brand gives back and fights poverty by donating 10% of Shea Moisture Community Commerce sales to go to women-led businesses and much more.

enhance the beauty within


Beauty goes beyond hair products, makeup, and skincare. Beauty brands have an opportunity to reach out to women in a way that has never been done before. Women think that they need beauty products to be beautiful. Because of this brands have such a big opportunity to reach out too many people and change these views. Women should know that beauty is more. Beauty is inside of all of us and because of the way society portrays beauty, as superficial, it is getting hard to tell the difference.

enhance the beauty within
enhance the beauty within

What I admire about Shea Moisture is that the brand advertises their products as a way to enhance the beauty within. Beauty that is already a part of you. They celebrate everyone’s differences. “We do not meet anyone’s standards because we are our own standards”.

enhance the beauty within
enhance the beauty within

Shea Moisture products are a must try not only because they stand for something more but because they work! Visit sheamoisture.com to shop their products and to read more about the brand. Also visit their YOUTUBE account to watch campaigns and stories of women around the world. Click on the link to watch one of my favorite campaigns.