Fashion Is More

*Fashion is MORE. Open your eyes. Join the revolution.

Spread the word. *

What is FASHION? Fashion is defined as a popular trend. But is that all it really is?

To me fashion is a lifestyle. It is my career. It is something that helps me get up in the morning and start my day. It is more than just fabric you place on your body for coverage. Fashion helps me dream, helps me believe in the impossible, breaks down my walls, releases anger, and gives me a platform to stand out in the world.

Some people might think… “WOW can fashion really do all that?” Well yes it can, and not only just for me. Look past the fancy heels and the killer ripped jeans. I know it’s hard, but trust me. It is something greater than just how it makes people look on the outside. It gives people an outlet to express who they truly are on the inside. Some people might have a difficult time sharing to the world who they are as individuals. Fashion, clothing, and dressing up gives them the ability to do so without words; and in exchange, helps them show the world who they truly are.

Our generation is meant to change how people view fashion. Let’s spread the word. What does fashion truly mean to you? Fashion is more…

Here are two beautiful people, with beautiful souls, beautiful minds, and beautiful hearts. They are beautiful in every way because they are who they are. They do not try to be what society wants them to be. They say no to labels and the way things “should be”. Instead they portray to the world, through clothing, who they are and nothing else. Their clothing is more than just a trend, it is self-expression.


Photography: Courtnie Heller and Remi Johnson 

Modeling: Remi Johnson and Courtnie Heller

Behind the scenes: Ashley Marie Cottom