Fashion Is A Metaphorical Armor

 Fashion is a metaphorical armor.


People use fashion to express themselves through clothes. These same clothes may be used as a shield from the world. They shield insecurities and imperfections from both strangers and friends, only showing the world what they are willing to reveal. Under their outfit is what they choose to hide. The scars, the negative self comments, their past and their faults all hidden behind the red lipstick and high heels. They feel shielded, safe and protected in their own armor.

Even when feeling defeated by life put on your armor and feel powerful.

fashion is armor 1

Credits and special thanks:

Model: BobbiMarie

Author: BobbiMarie

Editor: AshleyMarie

Concept: JazmynCandice

Armor piece designed by: Kayra 

Head prop by:  3D printed by DesignLab Miami

Jazmyn Leininger