Hold on to your strength.

This week’s post is not about the pictures. Its simply about the emotion.

I thought I would get a little more personal for this post. These past few days ended up being one of the hardest moments, emotionally that I had to go though. I’m not going to say why or how because I am not ready to do that but I am going to tip toe around the why and share with you enough without revealing too much.

I went through something that most of us go through more than once in a lifetime. I blamed it on myself. I blamed it on the individual. I blamed it on the situations that happened throughout the years. Then I sat and contemplated. It wasn’t about blame. It was time for me to be the bigger person and wait. As hard as it is to do, it needs to be done. I will let time do its thing.

This is hard. Its painful. Its exhausting. But I’m saying to myself that after this I will be stronger.

When changes come to light in your life you have to sit back and try your very best to hold on. Hold on to something. To anything. But simply hold on. Life will continuously throw obstacles your way and only you can make the decision to either be depressed or get up and keep living.

I’m going to keep holding on. No matter what comes from this I know it will be the right thing. Is it right? I guess ill just have to wait. Only time will tell.

Be strong. Hold on to your strength. I think at the end of the day showing yourself all the strength you have makes everything a little better. Then eventually everything works its self out.

Thank you for listening and who ever is going through something hard out there, I hope this will help. Even if its just for a second.

This was meant to get some emotion out as well as show people that your strength is everything. What every you go through your not alone.