Loved products with a side of advice: #beyoudammit

"Whoops is this not right?"

Wait a second...what is "RIGHT"?!

Isn't it possible to just be yourself? 

Why do we always have to be a certain way, do a certain thing, and act according to society's expectations? Why does society dictate what's "right"?

I say, be your damn self. Why should you be like anyone else? That personality is already taken and there is only one YOU. Get noticed for who you already are, not who you think you should be. YOU are "right". The world is a weird place. It's hard to figure out and it's hard to live in. But, hey, if it was easy what would we ever find rewarding or meaningful? 

I say, wear your clothes the way you want to wear them. Pluck your eyebrows the way you like. Or don't pluck them at all! Let them wild out. .... do what makes you feel the most like yourself. We live this life from our own point of view, so truly make it your own! Whoever comes along the journey...well, they are lucky to meet you. They don't get to change you. #beyoudammit

Do things the way you want to do them! 

This was a fun and creative way to introduce new products as well as spread a positive message that should be talked about more than it currently is. We live this life once. The least we can do is live it being the person we are - not the person someone else thinks we should be.

Introducing the products:

NYX Vivid Brights Liner 

NYX Color Mascara 

Cover Girl Colorlicious Lipstick