Life On Point

Let life point you in the right direction instead of trying to control it.

We struggle to find a path that is ours. A path that points us in the direction that we are suppose to go in. You might have a plan that you have sat and studied and pushed to become a reality. This can be a small life goal, your state of mind, the way you wish to live your life as a whole, who you dreamed you’d be in 5 years, or where you pictured yourself in ten years. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that anything is possible and planning is very important. But realistically does anything ever happen exactly the way you planned it to? Think about a time and answer to yourself truthfully. For the most part you can’t fully control your outcomes. There are just too many variables, and any one of them could dramatically alter the course of your life often in a good way, even if it might not feel that way at first.

Recently I was faced with a life challenge that taught me to give up some of my control. Something I never thought I would have to experience. Something that I thought I wouldn’t be strong enough to face (I will share in time). This caused me to stop everything I was doing. There life went throwing its unexpected curve balls that alter your plans.

If I have learned anything from this experience, I have learned that you can plan all you want but life does what life wants. I feel like the sooner you except this the better you are. I still plan but the difference now is that I plan with more of an open mind for change. And guess what I came out of this stronger than I ever thought possible. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my days but for the most part I am stronger.

I stopped posting and pursuing my dream of growing she is she because life got in the way. And I am here to show who ever might be reading this that its okay to step away but never let anything tragic slow you down and take away your dreams. You have the ability to choose whether you fall or keep going. Trust me it feels way better to keep going. Let life point you in the right direction instead of trying to control it.

There will always be challenges. There will always be surprises. Despite what you may feel, we don’t want to know everything before it happens. We want certainty but we need uncertainty. Embrace the unknown.

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