The Overall

Let the Overall bring out the child in you!

I like to think I still have a fun adolescent side to me that, every once in a while comes out to play. Having a few playful pieces that emulate that fun childlike side is always nice to have in your wardrobe. One piece that brings me back in time is the classic overall. No matter how hard it tries to disappear, it just keeps coming back. Season after season, trend after trend, its there and I’m not mad about it. The overall is a fashion piece that is playful while still holding on to that sophisticated element.

I know when I hit adult hood things changed. Responsibilities got harder, bills just decided to say “hey girl I control your life”. With all those responsibilities you can loose site on what truly matters. I know it sounds funny but when I wear my overalls it reminds me to be a kid again. To have fun.

I believe that the clothing you wear can bring out different versions of yourself. Which I know I have many. Let the overall bring out the child in you and remind you to never let go of your adolescent dreams.

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Top: Target 
Overalls: Forever21
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Target
Sunnies: Dior

Photography: Jesus Lopez