Wear It Then Pass It On

Taking something once worn and giving it a whole new life.


There are two things that I love and believe in so much that I went on to create a potential business around. Fashion and helping. I’ve been boggling my mind trying to figure out new and innovative ways to incorporate these two things into my life and most importantly share them to make a difference, no matter how small. Then something popped into my mind. Something I’ve already been doing for years without realizing the significance. Now I want to share it with you! Second hand shopping?! Yes, girl you heard right! Let me tell you, you wont even realize how much of an impact you will be making.

A little back story for ya:

At a young age my mom and I took on the hobby of second hand shopping. At first it started off an every other week thing then quickly became an every weekend adventure. I guess you can say we were obsessed with the hunt. Finding trendy, sometimes never worn clothing for less than half the price of retailers was sometimes impossible for me to digest.

The more and more my mom and I shopped second hand the more I realized the bigger picture. Giving un loved clothing a new life. In other words, your recycling clothing. Going back to what I strongly believe in, simply helping through the power of fashion, I realized this is one of the ways I can do so. 

This might seem minuscule. But let me tell you how big of an impact buying used clothing can have on the environment. 

Cleaning out your closet, feels refreshing. Instead of throwing them out donate them. Here’s why!

Educate yourself: 

When you toss your unwanted clothing in the garbage it then makes its way to local landfills. Landfills not only cost millions of dollars to create but millions more to operate. Money aside, one thing stood out to me the most is a lot of clothing is made out of natural organic materials, therefore it is biodegradable. But landfills lack the energy needed for organic materials to break down. Instead it decomposes other ways, which causes dangerous greenhouse gases to be released. These gases end of escaping and effecting climate change and god knows what else. 

Did you know that 12 million tons of clothing end up in landfills. Recycling your clothing matters. 

A little Jazzy insight:

If you look at the bigger picture it’s kind of a beautiful thing. Stay with me on this. The thought of wearing used clothing might not seem the most glamorous to some people but I always looked at it in a different way. I like to think your taking on someone’s adventure. Yes, people do say I have a wild imagination but if you think outside the box it just makes life a whole lot more fun. Someone else’s adventure can be your new adventure, and we all need a little adventure in our lives.


Disclaimer: This post does not mean I don't also shop at retail stores because girl, I do. I just recycle then when I feel like they need a new home. Wear it and then pass it on for someone else to. 

* All Clothing in this post was purchased at Wearluv Consignment. *