White Girl Sunscreen: Its Not Just For White Girls

“Meet white girl. She will protect you everyday. If you forget, you will get burned."

- White Girl

The name reels you in but the meaning and product keeps you hooked.

*White Girl Sunscreen does not limit to just 'White Girls". Their products are universal.*

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How I came across the brand “White Girl Sunscreen”

One day I was on Instagram and I randomly came across an image on my feed that caught my attention. Shown in the image was four big 3D letters spelling out L I V E. This quickly caught my attention, like most positive words do, and I decided to click on the page to see what it was all about. Surprisingly it was nothing I expected it to be. Yes, you guessed it. it was the brand that inspired this whole post. WHITE GIRL SUNSCREEN. The name of the company quickly caught my attention and I began to do more in depth research. After seeing what this brand was all about I was hooked.

Who is White Girl?

Two women, Rachel Justis and Solongo Erdenekhuyag came from different backgrounds. They came together strong with the same initiative. Bringing sunscreen to people of all backgrounds. They inform individuals that no matter their skin tone, sunscreen should be worn at all times.  

White Girl Sunscreen is more than a sunscreen it is hope. They give back through their partnership with the Melanoma Research Foundation. For every pouch sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the organization’s ongoing projects.

“This isn’t just a sunscreen, it’s a promise, a responsibility, and opportunity to show babes how to be confident in their own skin.”– White Girl Sunscreen

 It’s a winner in our eyes!

She is She had to get her hands on this product. Not only for the sheer fact of the brilliance behind the name but mainly for the reason behind the brand. A week later I got the product. Yes, I work fast! Honestly I fell in love instantly.

The smell was fresh and a bit fruity. But the main reason I had such a quick liking to the actual product was the consistency. Most sunscreens I have found tend to be thicker and hard to blend. But not this one.

You hear this all the time “always protect your skin now because once you get older you’ll regret it”. Always keeping this in mind I never found the right sunscreen to apply under my makeup. Until now.

The consistency is light, blendable, and streak free. Perfect for every day use. The best part is it is paraben free, alcohol free, and drama free.

The Photoshoot

This past Thursday I got to experience the best part of She is She. Bringing creative minds together to simply create. With this photo shoot we hope to enforce the idea that no matter where you are sunscreen is a must. The name is White Girl but this does not limit to “white girls”. It is a universal brand that is for everyone and that is what we portray in the images.

We hope you enjoy.


A special thank you to White Girl Sunscreen for being the light of this post, Fancy Boutique for providing the beautiful clothing, MIA World Models for providing the one of a kind models; Vitalina and Brittany, Vania for modeling from a bloggers point of view, Devin Fuller for capturing the concept effortlessly, Nelly and Zoe for bringing the hair to life like never done before, Reina Marta for styling the heck out of the models, Ana G. and Aliyah for providing the flawless makeup, and Cata for bringing the shoot to life with BTS content.