She is She?


I have had many questions asking what She is She really is. This post is meant to clear the confusion. Keep reading to find out my story, how She is She came to be what it is today, and how YOU are involved.   

She is She’s Mission:

She is she brings fashion and self esteem together to remind people that fashion is more. 

The mission is to introduce people to concepts that represent the notion that fashion is more, in order to create a judgment free community where individuals can freely express themselves through fashion and beauty. 

My Story:

My name is Jazmyn Candice and for as long as I can remember I, like many women out there, have been suffering from anxiety and depression mixed with self doubt. After sometime of dealing with these issues I came to a conclusion. I could either wallow in self pity or do something about it. I decided to use these weaknesses to help others in the best way I knew how. Through my passion, Fashion.  

I would absolutely love for you to help spread the word. She is She is not only me but is all of us that have ever had one bit of self-doubt run through their minds. Help me spread the word that fashion is more. Together we can change the face of fashion and help one woman at a time.

Feel free to comment below! I would love to hear from you. 


Photography: Humberto Vidal 

Mission Statement: BobbiMarie